“Act For Climate” event: My company confronting climate change

On December 12, Rachel Jouan Daniel (Climate Adaptation Consulting), Catherine Bossis (Green Selipar) and Sarah Jouan conducted a workshop named “My company confronting climate change” as part of the “Act For Climate” event at Toulouse, France.

The goal was to not only increase the participants’ awareness of the concrete impacts of climate change on the company value chain, but also to the possible solutions. Twenty-five participants dived into the universe of a fictional company (a cassoulet factory in Carcassonne) and exposed it to different climate hazards (floods, temperature rise, heatwaves, droughts).

On a gameboard depicting the company value chain, the participants first identified the concrete impacts of climate change on the value chain, from the sourcing of raw materials to the consumer’s plate. Then six “typical action” cards helped them to identify concrete solutions, some of them profoundly re-examining the company’s supply chain and model, particularly about delocalised and externalised activities.

Once again collective intelligence was crucial to fuel the debate and increase awareness of the risks of climate change for the company. According to the participants, the workshop enabled a “better vision of the global problem of climate impacts” and “an eye-opener about its impacts,” which made them say that “it’s serious! And a radical change is needed!”

If this 2-hour-workshop about a fictional company enhanced overall awareness, the same kind of workshop applied to a real company is a highly effective tool to motivate the company and its stakeholders to embrace a proactive approach and start adapting to climate change.

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