How to make business decisions to adapt to climate change ?

The Climate Adaptation Consulting team is very proud to announce the publication of the compendium “How to make business decisions to adapt to climate change ?”. This 52-page pedagogical compendium was designed to answer questions companies are asking themselves to make decisions in a changing environment and climate. You will find :

  • Infographics to help you understanding the 3 main reference methods (Scenario Planning, Robust Decision Making and Flexible Adaptation Pathways): what are they, what is their added value for the company, the key points of the method, how it is used in companies (which sectors, which sizes), examples of application, strengths and concerns to watch out for;
  • Six case studies to discover how pioneering companies have used the method to embark on an adaptation process (Lendlease, an Australian real estate group; Groupe La Poste, a French postal and banking services group; Anglian Water, a water and sanitation service provider in the United Kingdom; San Diego Gas & Electricity, an energy provider in California; L.A. Metro, an urban transport operator in California; and Familia Torres, a wine company in Spain). These case studies answer the following questions: what are the impacts of climate change for the company, what was the catalyst for the adaptation process, how is the company organised for adaptation, what method was used and how in practice, what are the key success factors, what are the results and next steps?
  • A table to compare these decision-making processes at a glance;
  • A synthesis of what we can learn from these case studies: what catalyst, what governance, how to experiment before widespread use, how to finance adaptation, etc?

Many thanks for their contribution to Dr. Joseph Fiksel (The Ohio State University), an expert in business resilience, A. Kedz, graphic designer and art director, and Felice Cohen, translator.

An English version is also available :–9791029717994.html