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Our offer

Adaptation climatique
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Adaptation to climate change:

expert support for climate resilience



Sur le littoral comme ailleurs, s’adapter est incontournable. © CAC

Today, with climate change pervasive, adaptation is required everywhere and at various levels. Because of its complexity, a cross-and-multi-disciplinary approach is needed.

Climate Adaptation Consulting provides the best adaptation expertise based on three pillars:


robust expertise: A decade of significant contributions to the climate adaptation field, including creating new concepts, tools, and methodologies in an evolving field, and implementing very concrete projects for territories, companies, and stakeholders.


A full-service offering: We propose solutions adapted to your needs within the scope of climate change adaptation and resilience, from risk and opportunities assessments to strategy evaluation, and building capacities.


An adaptative capacity at all levels, in France and internationally:

We work in all contexts (locally and nationally), in all sectors (agriculture, tourism, aviation, etc.) or issues (health, water resources, coastal management).



Environmental economics :

a pragmatic approach to facilitate decision making



Session de travail sur la résilience des infrastructures critiques. © CAC

Today, since the economic aspect of adaptation is still in its infancy, stakeholders need the figures to facilitate decision-making.


Over the years, Climate Adaptation Consulting have developed a pioneering approach based on the:


Development of pragmatic, transparent, and customized evaluation methods of the cost of inaction, the cost of action, or the value of at-risk assets, including cost-benefit analysis.


Advanced multi-criteria analysis to consider impacts, costs and benefits that cannot be monetized.


Economic analysis of environmental projects, in order to integrate environmental externalities in cost studies and to value environmental amenities.


Pedagogy, co-construction, stakeholder workshops and involvement:

professionnal expertise to facilitate change




Séance de co-contruction avec les acteurs locaux (Jordanie). © CAC

Social and environmental change, resilience of territories and organizations… require a new course of action: social representation change, behavioral change, creativity, stakeholder dialogue and involvement.


Climate Adaptation Consulting uses an approach based on social science proven methodologies and real-time experience in the field:


Messaging and educational content based on international best communication practices for climate change


Brainstorming sessions to facilitate the development of creative thinking


Binding communication, and sociological research


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