For 10 years, Climate Adaptation Consulting has been leading its clients to climate resilience.

Three domains are:

Adaptation to climate change

Expert client support for climate resilience

Environmental economics

A pragmatic economic approach to clarify decisions

Pedagogy, co-construction, stakeholders involvement

Professionalism to facilitate change

Your satisfaction is our main concern

Your need is unique: We are flexible so we customize our approach and collaborate with you to better respond to your needs.


We view your project as a new challenge to progress, invent, explore, and find new solutions together. In effect, innovation and continuous improvement are part of our DNA.


You can appreciate our commitment: Believing strongly in our professional field, we work passionately on your project.

Case studies

Discover our services through several examples…

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Stakeholders involvment

Paulilles park - Educational content to increase awareness of visitors...

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Environmental economics

"Our future coast line": Development of sustainable coastal management strategies...

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Adaptation to climate change

Grand Paris Seine et Oise - Understand vulnerabilities of the...

Our Clients

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